Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Poll results - CBCA Older Readers

Last week I set up a blog poll asking who would win this year's Older Readers category of the CBCA Book of the Year awards. The participation numbers weren't huge (fourteen, to be precise) but a clear winner emerged. Here they are, in actual vote numbers.
  • Anthony Eaton: 7
  • Shaun Tan: 3
  • Melina Marchetta: 2
  • DM Cornish: 1
  • Jackie French: 1
  • James Moloney: 0
As I say, it's not a huge sample group, but the result is clear enough for Tony Eaton to almost certainly claim 'kissee-of-death' status. In fact, he already has.

The new poll is now up - it's the turn of the Younger Readers category.


jonathan said...

Based on that poll result, I think Eaton should move to the top of my "read next" pile.

james roy said...

He should anyway, Jonathan... It's an awesome book.