Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mr President

I'm not American, and yet I'm very happy this afternoon.

I'm frequently reminded of what a great country America is. Lately, I've been reminded mostly by Americans. I'm sure they're right, but what's undeniable is that their present president, one George Walker Bush, has overseen a dramatic devaluation of the USA's global reputation. Electoral corruption, corporate nepotism, rampant greed, political incompetence, an unpopular, immoral and possibly criminal war, and well publicised stupidity have all left America's once strong reputation in tatters.

Now, I'm not alone in seeing the possibility that the US's reputation can begin to be restored. This would be great for Americans, but the world needs a strong US as well. So today brought good news. If Obama's leadership ability is reflected in the campaign he ran, the strength of his rhetoric and his powers as an orator, America has just taken its first step towards some kind of redemption.

The cynic in me wants to say: 'We'll wait and see.' But the optimist in me is cheering long and loud.