Thursday, March 27, 2008


OK, no comments about delusions of grandeur please: what I'm about to say might sound like I think that I'm the Messiah. I'm don't. I just think it's kind of weird that my blog vanished some time around Good Friday. Gone. Dead. Given up the ghost. And then, three (or so) days after it went to blog heaven (no explanation has been forthcoming from the good people at Google, by the way) it has returned, brighter, more majestic and probably better for the experience.

Now, the tragedy is that all my groovy posts have gone, swallowed up by the everlasting fires of Google hell. Some might say that at least metaphorically, those posts were like my sins, which are now gone. I think that's stretching it a bit. But the hard fact is, all that old stuff was swept away on the Friday, and a reincarnation was back a few days later.

I'll let you make up your own mind.

Anyway, to recap on what went missing when my blog mysteriously vanished...
  • Kevin Rudd's apology speech (good)
  • Brendan Nelson's reply to above apology speech (bad)
  • Some interesting adventures in bad architecture (weird)
  • A response to something lili wilkinson said about something to do with editors, Mitchell & Webb, and something. Oh yeah, the American guy who says that books arouse him in odd ways.
  • Some movie reviews: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (3.5 stars); The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (3.5 stars); The Golden Compass (2.5 stars); Juno (4.5 stars); Hey Hey, It's Esther Blueburger (3.5 stars).
  • An awesome Youtube video of Taylor Mali talking about teachers
  • A couple of pretty schmicko reviews of Town, by yours truly (the book, not the reviews)
  • A couple of photos from our school reunion
  • Some random stuff about books, festivals and other writers (all good, of course)
So now you're up to speed. To paraphrase someone famous and wise (Confucius, Oscar Wilde or Walt Whitman, no doubt), this post is the first post of the rest of my blog.