Thursday, May 14, 2009

Writers Talk 2009

The clever people from the Centre for Learning Innovation at the NSW Department of Education and Training have just started releasing the 2009 edition of the Writers Talk series of video interviews and resources, where authors talk about their process, their inspiration and pretty much anything else you can imagine asking a writer. The '09 videos available thus far are from Tohby Riddle, Randa Abdel-Fattah, Mark McLeod and me, while some of the names still to come this year include Mal Peet, Garth Nix and Morris Gleitzman.

Click on the image above to go to the 2009 videos. This link also provides access to the interviews from 2008 and 2007.


Adele said...

Oh James, you just made this teacher's day!!!! Clicking link NOW.

james roy said...

We aim to please here at Head vs Desk, Adele.

Rob Roy said...

Hi bro,

Was able to watch all the videos this morning, but the pages are now borked (technical term).

Should probably email their webmaster and ask for a proper url you can share with everyone that doesn't have session information in it (if they have such a thing)

Or it may be just temporarily broken...

Worth persisting with though. Well done.


james roy said...

I'll get on it, Rob.