Friday, May 8, 2009


Remind me, how long does it take to start a broom?


shannonr said...

If you can't annoy your awful neighbours with yard work -- and everyone has awful neighbours -- then what's the point of it?

When I lived in a townhouse in Wenty (in Sydney's Wild West) I took great delight in starting my whipper-snipper at precisely 9am on a Saturday morning (the earliest possible legal moment).

It made my tiny "lawn" look nicer AND it annoyed the bejeesus out of my "let's have a noisy party until 3am on Friday night / Saturday morning" neighbours.

I know which part I enjoyed more!

Samantha Hughes said...

Grrr! I live in leaf-blower central - drives me nuts!! Not quite as bad as the lady i saw vacuuming the car park though - i kid you not! Vacuuming gravel! Pfft! (Sorry, got a bit ranty there - looong day)