Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Russell Brand - not as funny as he thinks

If a lanky ex-junkie/recovering sex-addict with bad hair, tight jeans and a self-conscious giggle is your bag, Ponderland might be just your thing.

If you like your jokes delivered from an auto-cue with a healthy sprinkling - nay, a frikkin shovelful - of the Bleeding Obvious, Ponderland might float your boat.

If hearing a lanky ex-junkie/recovering sex-addict with bad hair explain the irony behind what would, under any other circumstances, be bewilderingly amusing clips from old British TV documentaries, give Ponderland a go.

Anyone else should avoid it like a rampant dose of the clap. Seriously.

(Is there an emoticon for "shudder"?)


simmone said...

not that into it, eh james?

james roy said...

I tried, Simmone. The thing is, my family tried to convince me that disliking Russell Brand is a guy thing, so I said, 'Look, I'll give it a go, and if it's funny, I'm big enough to admit it.' But it wasn't. I think I laughed twice. Seriously.

Misrule said...

Tell us what you really think, eh, J?!