Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bookweek in Griffith

Some statistics on the terrific week I just had in Griffith/Leeton/Colleambally:
  • Number of schools visited: 10
  • Workshop sessions: 7
  • Author talks: 8
  • Total students (approx): 1000
  • Bottles of wine received as gifts: 4
  • Fantastic meals consumed: 10
  • Number of those fantastic meals that were consumed at the iconic La Scala restaurant: 1
  • Total weight gain (approx): 2kg
In my experience, it's really unusual to do a full week of touring without having at least one session that leaves you feeling a bit disillusioned. But this really was a hugely fun and rewarding week, with every session full of keen, motivated and responsive kids. So thank you to all the organisers for their kindness, encouragement and hospitality, and to the students of the Riverina for being such a fun bunch of young readers and writers. See you again soon, I hope!


Anonymous said...

Hi James
Im a student from St Patrick's
MY name is Mitchell Wood
Wrestlefest Fever is AWESOME
Please come back another time

james 1 fan said...

hi james,
my name is kristen thorp and as well as mitchell i am from st.patrics griffith,

u r my favorite author/writer!!!
u r awsome :)

i am happy u like griffith i like it too, i mean i kinda gotta i live here, anywho i love your advice on how to get a story idea,

that little nugget of gold stored in my memory, (i found it in the shop lol.) is from meeting you and i am gonna have a chapter of meeting james roy the best author ever!!

u r soooooooooooo awsome!!!
p.s sorry 4 short txt itz da way i tlk on cp. (computer)

thank u 4 coming 2 my school!!!

Kirsty Murray said...

Yum. I want to go to Griffith too.

Anonymous said...
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