Tuesday, February 24, 2009

7000 young leaders

I had a bit of a Monty Python moment yesterday during the NSW Young Leaders Day at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, organised by the Halogen Foundation. I was reminded of that beautifully satirical and ironic moment in The Life of Brian where Brian says: 'You're all individuals.'
Crowd, in unison: 'Yes, we are all individuals!'
Brian: 'You're all different.'
Crowd: 'Yes, we're all different!'
Man in crowd: 'I'm not.'
Crowd: 'Shh!'
Brian: 'You've all got to work it out for yourselves.'
Crowd: 'Yes, we've all got to work it out for ourselves.'
Brian: 'Exactly!'
Crowd: 'Tell us more!'

I had this thought when Megan Dredge, the MC, was revving up 7000 kids to shout, in glorious unison, 'We're all leaders, yes it's true..!'

It was a great day, though, and a really well organised event which tours the country, with both primary days and secondary days. In addition to Mike Martin, the general manager of the Halogen Foundation, and me, the speakers were Bridie Carter, actor of McLeod's Daughters fame, Natalie Cook OAM, Olympic gold and bronze medalist for beach volleyball, and Mark Beretta, sports anchor for Channel 7.

Oh, and I also made a point of singing a few lines onstage, just so I could say this:

I've sung on stage of the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

So there.


Anonymous said...

Who's the little guy in the vest?

Man, that must have been a buzz James. 7000! Seven freakin thousand!!!

Whatcha sing?

Bruno said...

7000 leaders in one room? If everyone was leading who was following? And if no-one's following you, are you really a leader?

james roy said...

Gus, I sang the following:

"When I was just a girl
I asked my mother,
What will I be?
Will I be pretty?
Will I be rich?
Here's what she said to me..."


It got a laugh, but also provided a nice segue into talking about not knowing what we might become in the future and all that stuff.

james roy said...

I agree, Bruno, hence the Monty Python reference.