Friday, June 13, 2008

My last post?

I don't have a lot of time to write this, because the battery on my laptop has almost expired. The power went out in our entire street, so I grabbed my computer, jumped into the car and headed into town, looking for any kind of signal. Hell, any sign of life would have been good.

I found a weak signal where I'm now stopped, which was weird, since there's no power anywhere in town. Streetlights, traffic lights, shop fronts, houses, all dark. And no people.

Once I found the signal, I stopped the car and started browsing for news. There isn't any - not on the local sites, the overseas sites, newsfeeds, anywhere. Oh, I have a signal, and I'me getting through to the sites, but none of them have any news from today. Everything just stops at June 12. Weather, sport, stock market reports, horoscopes, everything, frozen on yesterday.

Speaking of things that have stopped, my car has just died. Completely. I've tried to call for help, but there's no phone signal. Internet, but no phone - go figure.

It's creeping me out just typing this, sitting here in my dark car, in a darki street, and the little red cross has just appeared on my battery icon. It's a fair walk back to my place, so I wonder


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SugarPuff said...


Hope the power is back on, and that you made it home!