Friday, May 23, 2008

A roller-coaster of emoticons

The last fortnight has been what one would have to describe as a roller-coaster of emoticons. To summarise:
  1. I learn that I have won the Ethel Turner Prize in the NSW Premier's Awards :D
  2. I hear that my grandfather is gravely ill :[
  3. I learn that my grandfather has passed away. As a family, we are both saddened :( and relieved :|
  4. We bury Grand-dad, for which my brother flies out from the UK. So it's sad to have a funeral, :( but good to see Rob and his son Lachlan :)
  5. Rob and Lachlan leave to return home :[
  6. Vicki and I head in to the NSW Art Gallery to attend the presentation of the Awards. :)
  7. On the night, Frank Sartor announces that the prize money has been doubled, as of this year. :o 8O :D
  8. I collect my award. :)
  9. Vicki and I return to our car to find the back window smashed, and my Sony Vaio laptop stolen. :o >| (I know, I know, I should have taken it inside... And that last emoticon does little to express the rage I felt.)
  10. Vick and I stay in Sydney overnight, and the following morning, after a very odd, rather sleepless night, I catch a 6am flight to Brisbane to go to a school. zzzz
  11. That afternoon I get an email from someone saying that they "accidentally" bought a second-hand laptop, and they want to give it back, having realised that this is in fact one of my tools of trade. 8o
  12. Now I've got the flu ----------------
So that's my fortnight. I honestly don't know how I feel at this moment. If I had to find an emoticon for right now, it would be :?


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"always look on the bright side of life, to-doo, to-doo, to-doo doo-doo doo-doo"